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October 14th, 2012

08:22 pm - Dear Yuletide Writer letter
My letter's not as polished as I'd like it to be, but this'll be where I post it when it's finished -- this year I am requesting:
- Reservoir Dogs (1992)
- Ballets Russes RPF
- Hebrew Bible/Tanakh
- (maybe Lawrence Of Arabia)

ETA: DYW letter inside! Details updated 10/1/12.
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March 15th, 2012

09:39 am
Essay = finished! (And properly footnoted, with some intervention from harlequinade.) I was planning on passing time at work by working on this fic... but apparently this fic has a premise vaguely common with a series I haven't read, and now I'm too nervous that people think I'm ripping said series off to continue. Which sucks, because I was just getting into my groove for a new installment. Seriously, I really enjoyed this fic, it was a new pairing and a new direction for me and... it apparently has a very vague passing similarity to Juggernaut Origfic Slash Work and now I've got stage fright. (Though Juggernaut Origfic Slash Work has a pretty generic premise for this subgenre anyway, it's just what they've done with it that's fabulously fresh and original, apparently.) Still, blegh, not sure where to go from here.
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March 10th, 2012

05:30 pm
Back at home for break. Which is about half over, leaving me this essay to finish up writing -- it's a subject I find enthralling, but somehow writing about it at sufficient length to fit the freshman essay requirements is killing me. Goddamnit, Socrates. (It's about Lysis, but my brain keeps trying to interconnect EVERY DIALOGUE EVER!! and it's a pain in the ass. Plus, if Bean were capable of footnotes, that would have been great, but you can't get everything you want, I guess.)

I like being somewhere with comfortable bedding, and getting to see my family members is a plus. My brother turns nine today, which is kind of a shock -- I was ten when he was born, so the fact that he ages at all is a little weird? This is a really inane update, but I'm still kind of in a weird place, so I don't have a lot to say.
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January 1st, 2012

11:38 am - Yuletide fic roundup!
Okay, now that the big reveal's happened, I can finally cop to all the ridiculous stuff I wrote.

My main fic was "from all atop the parapets blow a multitude of coronets" written for Zopponde, a genderswap Tangled femslash fic. I'm finding it increasingly harder to summarize what goes on in this fic the more I have to talk about it, but basically: Millicent Fitzherbert and Rapunzel have another misadventure, this time free of ruffians, thugs, or men with pointy teeth, but featuring dead chickens tied up with ribbons, court dances, and gratuitous star motifs.

For treats, I wrote:
"No Light Anywhere, And Nothing Left To Burn", a Varys-centric Game of Thrones fic. I fucking love Varys, and writing him was an enormous pleasure.

"Salomonsong", a treat for The Secret History by Donna Tartt. It's pretty much too tiny to have a plot, but poor Richard is completely out of the loop as regards his dear friends Francis and Henry.

"Fair Notions", a Ballets Russes RPF story that is (drumroll please) MY FIRST YULETIDE SMUTFIC. It's pretty much Nijinsky/Diaghilev PWP, with intercrural sex and botched first-time breathplay (though mercifully not fatally or this would be a scary AU).

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December 26th, 2011

11:49 am - Yuletide Recs, Round One
Recs (A Little Princess, Ballets Russes RPF, Classical Greece and Rome History & Literature RPF/Bill & Ted, Fantastic Four (comicsverse), Great Expectations, Horrible Histories, Shakespeare"s Richard IIICollapse )
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December 20th, 2011

08:17 am
Still alive, and after Symposium it's a miracle. That kind of pre-show theater mood, the "aaaaah, we're all going to die, this show's going to suck, we're going to lose our charter, this is terrible!" atmosphere right up until the last minute, is really, really bad for my health (no surprise), even though everything went off almost without a hitch. Our Agathon was pretty plastered (dude, you are a tragic poet) and our Diotima was very anxious, but performed beautifully. And I was apparently the very best Glaucon in the whole business, from how much praise I've gotten from just that tiny scenelet. Or maybe they're humoring me, fucked if I know, I'm just really glad it's over. I was not meant for the stage -- the actual acting is fun and fine, and I'm even fine working with a deadline, but the cast dynamics and having to keep track of who's mad at whom for what goes right over my head and that's the bulk of the actual rehearsal time for me. I've been sick all of the three days I've been home, but am recovering! I'm also at work, which is the best feeling in the universe after like six months of "aaaaah money where did the money go aaaaah".

Got my Yuletide fic written! It's not my usual genre at all, as I'm sure my recipient will see when they open up their fic, but it was so, so fun to write. One other treat also finished -- not super long, but I am proud of it. I just wish I could do more, it's driving me absolutely mad to be so unable to write, even if I know the only way to get past that is to write like a fiend.

I've also been reading all of the R&J fic (ALL OF IT) and am now getting started on Pargoletta's Caro-verse. Aw yeah.
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November 22nd, 2011

09:43 am
Today I fly home -- giving me three hours of plane ride to panic in, or more positively, panic about my Yuletide Treasure assignment in. I am excited as all hell and regret none of the things.

I am discovering a frustrating tendency to type homophones of what I actually intend to type. It's not even a typo, it's like something gets cross-wired in my brain, and it sucks! Also I have a frustrating tendency to hiccup and to forget about my period until it's actually arrived so I assume it's one of the dozens of other things wrong with me causing the massive case of achy body and not what it most often ends up being. And now I get to sit in a plane for three hours in coach! Hoorah and huzzah!
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November 16th, 2011

03:21 pm - Dear Yuletide Writer...
Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hi! This is now my third year doing Yuletide, and I'm still just as excited as before my First Time... just hopefully with a better idea of what to request! This got monstrously long, but it's mostly me gushing about the stuff I adore, I promise.

Rest of letter behind cutCollapse )
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October 20th, 2011

02:27 pm
Regular updates on the state of Skaland: Just had a lengthy phone call with my dad. It... doesn't sound like I've been outed to anyone yet? Which is calming, but I'm not going to rejoice just yet. So I'm just writing an essay on Lycurgus while listening to Adam Lambert. Nbd.

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October 18th, 2011

08:15 am - "That novelty moose head wasn't the only thing you took from Canada that day, was it? TELL ME!"
Still not dead! Still excited to be so! Still have absolutely no time to write fiction in, which is killing me, but hey, essays are almost the same thing, right? Certain human issues from past posts have been talked about to some of the right people, and seem to be resolving, but now he's just gotten it into his head that we're a pair of neatly matched intellectual rivals and that I'm trying to ~banter with him. Nope. Maybe Yuletide and NaNoWriMo will free things up a bit, but at this point going home for Thanksgiving will be a huge relief. We saw Poe's grave! I've eaten so much candy! And gotten many, many books! More books than I'll ever read with this workload, but it's the thought that counts.
(Right now I'm really craving some Diana Wynne Jones. Fffff. Anything to distract me from the shitshow that is Thor fandom, and not the fun kind of shitshow.)

So, Yuletide, however. I want to participate in the candy exchange this year, but have no idea where I'll be when these things are sent out, so I'll just hope for the best. Still picking out fandoms and refining my letter from last year, getting a better idea of what turns my fic-crank and what resolutely does not. Whee!
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